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A few words about CPE

Beginning as the dream to be independent and innovative, and the need to take process engineering up a level to do so, Chambers Process Engineering was formed. Drawing from diverse experience gained in the corporate engineering and industrial manufacturing and construction worlds, CPE was developed with the desire to get "back to the basics" of engineering. The need to provide and deliver ONLY the highest quality engineering support to industrial clients was evident, and to direct our focus on what is really important - the client. Quite simply, it was a chance to take a group of highly skilled individuals and basically "start over", utilizing innovative ideas, and the decision to make our clients the primary focus. We take pride in the fact that we can provide the very same engineering support that much larger engineering companies advertise, without all the extra non-essential costs.

Mission Statement:

Chambers Process Engineering will proudly provide only top quality engineering support to our clients, fully guaranteeing the final product being delivered to them. The pride we take in both the quality of our employees, and our work, shows in the service we provide to our clients. We strive to design it right the first time.

Our success is achieved by adhering to the following guidelines:

Safety in our designs is the top priority. Using the right tool for the right job in any instance is very important. We consider human factors along with industrial requirements to develop our designs. Also, our individuals are provided training for industrial plant scenarios.

Environmental harmony (compliance) is considered in all designs from the very beginning of design. “Green” options are our goals. Waste minimization and adequate appropriate treatment technologies are included in our design recommendations.

Professionalism in both attitude and implementation of services. We take each project personally and execute it with highest level of professionalism. We strive to deliver a quality product in a quality manner.

Experience of our employees is passed along to our client. We have a very diverse range of talented individuals who will work for you. We are a big believer in the fact, that if one individual can use the expertise of another or several, we will use the team concept to deliver. In other words, the experience provided has many levels to draw from when necessary. By virtue of this, each client has access to our 100+ years of combined experience.

Simplicity in design provides the client with a robust and easy to operate and maintain system. This equates to reduced project costs as well as reduced annual operating and maintenance costs. 

Innovation in developing engineered solutions, when appropriate. We won't try to create a new mouse trap if it isn't necessary. However, we do have the expertise to recommend when new designs are more effective for a particular application.

Satisfaction for the client. We plan on giving the client every right to feel they have made the right decision by choosing our services. We find nothing is more important in developing mutual respect.